Pipeline Construction

Focusing on the complete needs of the energy client, we construct new pipelines, build new facilities, support relocations, conduct testing and complete necessary repairs.  Our land development capabilities extend to construction and maintenance across uninhabited regions.

Our pipeline construction crew is equipped to complete all aspects of the operations and construction of well connects, gathering, launchers and receiver assemblies, rehab and transmissions in isolated and/or urban areas.  Skilled specialists are familiar with traffic control, OSHA, permitting and Storm-Water –Protection Plans.

Excavation pipeline trench, pipe stringing, bending, welding, lowering in / back filler, and hydrostatic testing are among our specialties.  We are adept at final tie-in, clean up restoration, corrosion protection and detection systems.

  • Optimum selection of pipeline routes based on field survey results and GIS data
  • Front–end and detailed design and engineering
  • Hydrodynamic stability analysis
  • Field inspection and construction management
  • Health, safety and environmental protection
  • Mainline pipeline construction
  • Installation of cross country gas and liquid pipeline projects exceeding 100 miles in length
  • Pipeline rehabilitation
  • Integrity work and anomaly repairs
  • Relocation and line lowering
  • Custom fabrication and installation
  • Installation of stoppling and hot tapping
  • Field gathering
  • Emergency call out
  • Right-way restoration work
  • Hydrostatic testing